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Excellent Aircon Servicing and New Installation

Who We Are

Air Con Master is BCA-certified air conditioning service company in Singapore. We provide cooling needs for both residential and commercial spaces wherever in the country. Our team of experienced technicians and support personnel are extensively trained to follow proper technical codes and use appropriate equipment and practices to guarantee client satisfaction. Contact us for a commitment-free site inspection and AC unit consultation.

18-Point Visual Inspection

With our 18-point visual inspection, we’ll check various factors in your area, such as its size, elevation, wall thickness, frequency and duration of use, so that we can suggest to you not just the air conditioning unit that fits your budget, but the unit that will give you the most saving.

Responsive Repair Team

Most people dont’ pay attention to the maintenance of their air conditioning units. But just a single day when it doesn’t work well can cause us a lot of inconvenience. Air Con Master responds to client calls speedily so that your air con problems will never affect your productivity.

Energy Saving Guide and Tips

With the right practices, your cooling system actually doesn’t have to add a significant amount to your monthly electric bill. Our air con installers and response team will guide you from selecting your unit to its installation and maintenance so that you avoid unnecessary costs.

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Our Services
  • Aircon Installation

    More than just setting up an aircon in your home or office, our technicians will also check your electrical connections and the suitability of your chosen AC unit to your desired room(s).

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  • Regular Aircon Maintenance

    Regular inspection or servicing – either thrice yearly or quarterly – will help keep aircon running at peak efficiency and a good way to fix small problems before they require costly repair if left unattended.

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    Check & Troubleshoot

    For any problem with your aircon, you may contact our technical support team to help you troubleshoot the issue or arrange a site inspection with our technicians.

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  • Aircon Repair

    Overuse or lack of maintenance can cause aircon units to malfunction or breakdown completely. Our professional technicians can perform on-site repair and fix all issues to get your AC up and running again.

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    Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul

    A chemical wash involves the use of chemicals to clean the various components of the aircon. A chemical overhaul is a more thorough cleaning used when general cleaning proves insufficient to return the aircon system to its peak condition.

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Having problem with your AC? Call us for a free troubleshoot session.

How Can an Aircon Service Help Cool My Home?

Air conditioning is essential for every business and home in Singapore. Since the climate is hot and humid year-round, having an air conditioner does a lot to keep your home or your office cool and keep everyone happy, relaxed, and even productive.

But how exactly does an air conditioner work, and how can you take care of it?

How Air Conditioners Keep You Cool

Contrary to what you think, air conditioners don’t “make” cold air. Instead, they take in the air from the room, cool it inside the machine, and blast the hot air outside.

Air conditioners are complex machines made of different parts, but the process is actually quite simple: first, your air conditioner takes in the warm air from your house or room, followed by a compressor heating up coolant in your unit’s machine.

The coolant then passes through a condenser and leaves it much cooler, and is then used to cool the warm air taken in by the air conditioner, and blown out via a fan, and the whole process then repeats itself until the room or your entire home is cooled to your liking.

Many units even have an internal thermostat to make sure that the cooling system shuts off once the internal temperature has been reached.

So now that you know how your aircon keeps you cool, how do you take care of it?

Taking Care of Your Aircon at Home

No matter how advanced the model is or how quickly and easily it can cool your room, or even your whole house, your aircon still needs regular maintenance to make it last as long as possible.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here’s how you can take care of it to keep it working smoothly:

  • Wash the filter - While your filter does the heavy lifting in blocking out dust, it also means that all kinds of things can get stuck in them that you need to clean out every month.
  • Straighten the fins - For split type air conditioners, bent coil fins can block out the air and reduce your unit’s overall performance. To prevent this, having a fin comb to straighten the fins is really handy.
  • Clean the coils - Your coils can also accumulate dust and lower the unit’s performance, so be sure to watch out for them when cleaning your unit.
Common Problems with Air Conditioners

As much as there are benefits to having an air conditioner that’s easy to upkeep, they’re also likely to run into problems that will need looking into or fixing. These are the most common ones you’re likely to encounter:

  • Air conditioner not cooling - Air conditioners eventually go past their lifespan, after which they will stop working normally and need to be repaired and maintained by a professional aircon servicing company.
  • Defective compressor - Most aircon problems start with the compressor, and this can happen when your unit isn’t regularly maintained.
  • Dirty Coils - The interior of your aircon can accumulate dust over time, even if you keep a clean home and regularly clean your filter.
  • Clogged air filter - A clogged air filter means that there’s too much dust or debris in it, and it’s the simplest to clean up – all you need is a brush and soapy water.
  • Not Enough Coolant - This is the result of the coolant leaking either inside or outside your aircon unit, which needs to be repaired as soon as possible.
Tips and Tricks to Save More Energy

You might think that using your air conditioner takes up way too much power even to cool down your home or office for a short while, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind to save more energy while still keeping your home or office cool:

  • Shade your home. While it’s important to let natural light in, you don’t want it to heat up and make your unit work harder – use blinds or curtains for this.
  • Set your air conditioner at a lower temperature than you normally would and allow it to cool the room over time.
  • Keep the cool air inside by keeping your doors and windows shut while your aircon is on.
Do I Need to Replace My Aircon Unit?

Many HVAC air conditioners have a lifespan between fifteen to twenty years on average, but many other wall-mounted air conditioners have a lifespan between twelve to fifteen years, and even beyond that with good maintenance.

However, as your air conditioner reaches the end of its lifespan, its parts start to wear out more quickly. This means that you need a professional servicing company to check your unit if any parts need to be fixed or replaced.

Is My Aircon Suitable for My Room?

Your air conditioner may not always be suitable for your room. It’s either too big for your room, meaning it gets cold too quickly, or that it’s too small for your room, meaning that it has to work harder to keep that part of your home cool. Usually, it’s the latter.

This means that if your aircon is taking too long to cool even if it’s working properly, the reason could be that it’s too small for the room it’s installed in, and needs to be moved to an area where it can work more efficiently.

If this is the case, then your best bet is to call a professional aircon servicing to ensure that your aircon is working at peak efficiency and keeping your home or office cool.

Calling an Air Conditioner Service Today

Most people don’t pay attention to the maintenance, but even a single day without it can cause a lot of inconvenience – and that’s where the aircon servicing comes in.

We at Aircon Master believe in providing the best chemical cleaning and professional services to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. With our team of expert technicians and support personnel, we deliver on our air conditioner cleaning promotion to make sure that every aircon unit is assessed, repaired, and even maintained correctly.

We also offer installation and maintenance services to make sure your unit doesn’t have to add up to your utility bill. And the best part? You can get all of this as quickly as you make the call.

So what are you waiting for? Call a specialist at Aircon Master and fix your aircon units today!

These guys are fast and very efficient. After I called, a staff gave an estimate within a week and then sent someone over immediately to have the repair done. The technician was very thoughtful that he gave some recommendations on how to use properly the AC unit. He was also very accommodating to answer all my questions, even the most senseless ones. Winston Lee General Manager
It’s already very hot here in Singapore, what more with broken AC unit? So I’ve finally decided to get my AC checked. Glad I called this company, they made a thorough checkup and performed a few touch ups. Was able to make everything run smoothly and good for use again. Excellent work, reasonable price and great customer service. Impressive! Eugenie Lin Maintenance Manager
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