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What are the Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing?

October 12,2017

Like all electronic equipment at home and in the office, the air conditioning system needs proper maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently. While it might seem like a regular servicing and maintenance is an added expense, you will be able to save more money in the long run if you can address minor problems much earlier.

The following some of the benefits of a regular aircon maintenance service.

Efficient Aircon System

An aircon system that runs efficiently will not only ensure quality air and comfort at home or at the office, but will also save you money. An efficient aircon system should function at optimum peak without having to use up more energy than is recommended by the manufacturer; should produce quality air and sufficient cooling regardless of the size of the space; should be able to maintain humidity and temperature consistently in all parts of the building; and must remove dust, soot, and harmful microorganisms in the air. An aircon unit that is malfunctioning or has not been cleaned properly tends to use more energy to meet what is required of it. So, how can you keep your aircon system from functioning poorly? Regular maintenance and inspection by a licensed aircon technician is recommended to make sure that there are no buildup of dirt and debris, no leaks or breaks or loose parts, and that all the parts are functioning properly.

Excellent Air Quality

Although the air conditioning system also has a lifespan like all electronic devices and appliances, regular maintenance will not only prolong its service, but will also keep it performing on an optimum level. According to studies, appliances lose at least at 5% of efficiency annually, but with regular maintenance, you can keep its efficiency at 90%. You can easily tell if something is wrong with the aircon unit if the air quality has significantly changed in terms of the cooling effect, temperature consistency, odor, and the noise coming from the aircon system itself. Even simple maintenance tasks such as keeping the filters clean can affect its quality.

Extend the Aircon Unit’s Lifespan

Like most electronic appliances, if one component of the aircon system is damaged, the other parts will also be affected, causing the system to work harder and use more energy. When this happens, it will significantly lower the lifespan of the air conditioner because it could fail at any time. To prolong its service, it’s best to address any minor problem as soon as possible. However, some issues do not become obvious unless there are noticeable changes in the quality of air produced. Regular maintenance by a trusted aircon technician will locate potential problems and solve them before major issues can affect the system. Doing this will save you money for major repairs or replacement of your aircon units.

Lower Repair Costs

It might seem like you will save more money only if you call a technician if there is an actual problem, but regular servicing will prevent frequent breakdowns from happening. For commercial buildings, minor problems should be corrected or adjusted right away to prevent major breakdowns that will not only affect your office routine, but will also cost you more on major repairs and replacement of parts. This is crucial in aircon systems that can potentially damage the structure of the building if there are leaks and breaks that have not been identified. In this type of setup, you should consider hiring an aircon service contractor that will regularly check for minor problems in the aircon system, which is a better deal than having to spend thousands for damages you could have prevented.

Lower Electric Bills

An energy-efficient aircon system is a product of a combination of factors, such as proper installation, good ventilation and sealing of the ducts, clean filters and coils, correct airflow and charge, and the correct aircon system for your home or commercial building. If you are considering installing a new aircon system, there are a lot of things that need to be considered when choosing the type of system that will meet your needs; such as, the size of the house or how big the space is; the number of rooms that need air conditioning; the location of the rooms or building; the amount of heat indoors; and the airflow in the outdoor system that can affect the performance of the aircon.

Less Leaks

If you notice that the aircon unit is producing less cool air than usual, it could indicate problems in the ducts. To prevent leakages in the duct system, you should provide a well-insulated system and location for the unit. This is why proper installation is a crucial step in keeping your aircon system in top condition, because any leakage can significantly reduce its performance by up to 40%. That’s going to need a lot of energy!

Investing in a quality air conditioning system also means that you need to keep them in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance and servicing will keep your indoor spaces well-ventilated and comfortable for years to come.

Common Issues Found in Commercial Aircon Systems

October 12,2017

Commercial aircon systems run for more hours at a time than those used at homes, that is why they are prone to a lot of issues that can possibly interrupt normal office routines in Singapore. Unfortunately, not only will employees feel uncomfortable in a poorly-ventilated office, but it could also affect your service reputation among your clients and customers.

These are some of the most common issues you need to know to keep your commercial aircon systems in good condition.

Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality can mean a lot of things, such as, inconsistent cooling and airflow, dirty aircon units, and bad odor coming from the ventilation systems. These can all be avoided if you set up a proper inspection and maintenance routine of your office’s aircon system with the recommendations of a reliable aircon technician in Singapore who is an expert at the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of different types of commercial aircon systems.

Uneven or Insufficient Cooling

If you ever notice that some areas in the office are cooler while the others are slightly warmer, it might indicate that the airflow is inconsistent. An expert aircon technician will check for signs of leaks and cracks in the system’s ductworks. Leaks can cost you expensive repairs and renovations when they are not located and fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important that you set a scheduled maintenance of the office’s aircon system to avoid such problems.

Unusual Noises

Hearing unusual noises coming from your aircon system indicates broken or loose parts that could potentially damage the other parts if the issue is ignored. Fortunately, a reputable aircon maintenance service company can replace or repair the broken or loose parts to restore the smooth operation of your office’s aircon system.

Bad Odor from the Units

Aircon systems that are not maintained properly are prone to leaks and buildup of dirt and debris that can possibly clog the drain, coils, and ductworks. This in turn could cause mold and mildew to thrive in the system that will give off a nasty odor in the office that will smell like used, damp socks. Regular maintenance of your commercial aircon system will not only save you money for major repairs, but it will also keep the system running smoothly for years. An aircon technician will recommend that you clean the units at least twice a year or once every six months, especially the vents, ductworks, coils, and the housing of the air conditioner.

Unexpected Spikes in Electric Bills

Problems in the office’s aircon systems sometimes go unnoticed, especially if there are no significant changes in the quality of the air, until you see the changes in your electric bill. If there are any unresolved issues in the office’s aircon system, then its production is significantly lowered. However, the system will need to use more energy to keep meeting the demands consistently.

Worn and Dirty Filters

One of the most common causes of spikes in the electric bill are the dirty or clogged filters. To keep producing a consistently good quality air, the system will be forced to use more energy to meet that demand. Unfortunately, this could significantly reduce the lifespan of your commercial aircon system. Make sure that your aircon system is performing optimally through regular cleaning or replacement of the filters.

Leaks in the Aircon System

Leaks can be caused by clogs in the system, specifically in the drain lines, or some broken or loose parts. The refrigerant found in the coils can also leak and cause the aircon system to work harder because it cannot produce sufficiently cool air. Ignoring these early signs could lead to more serious problems that will need major repairs.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is responsible for the regulation of the cold air produced by the system. If there are fluctuations in the temperature or inconsistencies in the airflow, sometimes the problem is not in the aircon system itself, but in the thermostat. Fortunately, regular calibration of the thermostat by a licensed aircon technician will correct minor issues in the wiring, timing, and control.

Inefficient Cooling System

Sometimes commercial air conditioning systems do not meet the needs of the office because it is either too large or too small for the space. You will need to consult a licensed technician to determine if the standards of proper installation have been met and if your office is using the correct aircon systems. For offices that are planning to install a new aircon system, it is important to hire an expert so that you do not waste your investment on a system that will not meet your needs.

Aircon Won’t Run

If your aircon system does not turn on or it stops working altogether, it could indicate several problems that need the expertise of an aircon technician. The aircon system probably has a blown fuse caused by overheating or its capacitors are burnt and need to be replaced.

The Different Types and Benefits of Aircon Models Used for Commercial Buildings and Homes

October 12,2017

Are you planning to install a new air conditioning system at home or in the office? With so many types such as window, ductless, and split aircon in the market, how do you pick the right one when considering factors such as the size of the room or space, the amount of heat generated in the space, the layout of the room or rooms, and other factors?

Aircon Systems Used in Commercial Buildings

Aircon systems used in offices and business spaces are designed to provide more cooling options for large spaces or multiple rooms over prolonged periods of time. They also include features that are not found in aircon models used for homes and are connected to more complicated ventilation and heating systems, thus the term heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) is used for these commercial systems.

It’s no wonder that the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of commercial aircon systems are also trickier. When installing a new system, it is important to hire an expert aircon technician for the planning, purchase, and inspection of the units to ensure that you’re getting the best HVAC possible.

The following are the most common aircon systems used in various commercial buildings in Singapore.

  • Constant Air Volume. As the name implies, the CAV system produces constant air volume supply with its precise temperature and humidity control. They are generally energy-efficient, easy to control, and have a low initial cost.
  • Variable Air Volume. This is an aircon system which is made up of several parts for easier control of the heating and/or cooling options. What makes this ideal for most commercial spaces is the ability to control the temperature and humidity precisely through the reheat box or a terminal fan. It also has a low operating cost and has less ductwork.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow. This model is recommended for medium-sized spaces such as hotels and retail buildings, because they can provide simultaneous heating and/or cooling, are installed easily, have low energy consumption, and are easy to control.
  • Chilled Beams. This is a system that uses both heating and cooling coils and produces air based on induction. They are sometimes used in combination with other aircon systems, because they produce a consistent air flow that reduces fan energy. However, they are difficult to maintain, because the water temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored.
  • Split System. This type of aircon system is the most recommended model for small commercial spaces such as shops, cafes, and offices with less than ten rooms, because they are cheap, energy-efficient, and are self-contained. The single split models, however, can also be used in combination with other single splits if the building has several rooms, although you will need more external space to house all the units.
  • Multi-Split System. This works similarly to the single split models, but you can connect up to nine units for slightly larger business or office spaces, such as restaurants, medical clinics, and large shops. Some businesses prefer the multi-split because they save space and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling so they don’t obstruct the view. However, they have a more complicated pipework and will take longer to install than the single split.


Aircon Models Used at Homes

Aircon models used at homes are much more compact and user-friendly than the commercial aircon systems, although both essentially use the same basic technology at heart. However, the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of home air conditioning systems by a licensed aircon technician in Singapore is just as important.

If you’re not sure which aircon model will suit your needs at home, talk to a trusted aircon technician to help you plan, purchase, and install the best aircon model you can afford.

  • This is the most common aircon model used for a single room, because it can easily fit in a wall slot or a window sill. Some of its benefits include energy efficiency, easy installation, compact design, and multifunction features.
  • Split or Ductless. The split type is composed of two parts that are found outdoors and indoors, and unlike the window aircon type, you do not need a slot in the wall because it can control the temperature in not just one but two rooms at the same time. Other benefits include lower running cost, efficient cooling system, and lower electric bills (as opposed to using several window aircon models).
  • The aircon system is found not just on the wall but in any part of the room. It can cool the room more effectively than the other models, but it is considerably noisier than the window and split types. It is ideal for very small spaces, such as a studio apartment or small bedrooms, and it dehumidifies and cools the space at the same time.
  • Larger homes need a centralized air conditioning system to avoid the use of several units that will use up more energy. In a central air conditioning system, a large compressor and packaged units are connected to the ductwork of both the heating and cooling system throughout the home. It makes less noise, improves air quality, and will not affect the view of the house because the units can be placed outdoors.

How to Find the Right Aircon Servicing Company

October 11,2017

A working air conditioning system is a part of your company’s daily operations, that is why investing in quality units should not be overlooked. However, even the most well-maintained air conditioning systems are prone to a lot of problems that need the expertise of the best air conditioning system servicing company in Singapore.

Here are tips to finding the best aircon servicing company in the country that can handle any type of issue from residential to commercial air conditioning units and systems.

Do Your Research

If you already have an existing air conditioning system in operation, you need to reread the manual because it contains all the recommended maintenance and servicing schedule from the manufacturer. Get to know the type of air conditioning system you’re using and take note of its brand, model, and the history of recent repairs, servicing, and problems. This will make it easier for you to talk about specific problems with an air conditioning technician in case you need to have it repaired. Next, find reviews for aircon servicing companies in Singapore or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. Narrow down your choice to three technicians or companies, then ask for a list of services they provide.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask for details about the aircon servicing company’s history, policies, pricing, experience and training, and areas of expertise. If you have a specific concern in mind, talk to the technician about it and ask about the possible solutions. Ask how much experience they have had with your type of air conditioning system and how long the project or repair will take. It would also help if the aircon technician has a license and is affiliated with an aircon servicing company in Singapore as a full-time technician, because they are strict with qualifications and training compliance. It would also be a lot easier for you to check the company’s background and ask for insurance to protect your investment, especially if you’re looking for an aircon servicing company that will install, repair, and maintain your business’ air conditioning system.

Look for Specialists

If you’re planning to have an air conditioning system installed in your commercial or business property, you should look for an aircon servicing company in Singapore that is an expert in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC. You will be ensuring that you will get the best heating and cooling system for your business. Companies affiliated with the best-known air conditioner brands should also be your top priority, because some brands are particular about the maintenance and repair procedure of their units. They will also be able to explain to you clearly which type of air conditioning system you will need. For example, small-scale businesses with a small office spaces will need a single-thermostat air conditioner, while a multi-story building will need zone air conditioning systems that will cover several areas.

Ask for a List of Services

For apartments, you do not necessarily need specialists to have your aircon repaired, but you should look for an aircon servicing company that not only does troubleshooting, but also does regular maintenance, chemical wash, and chemical overhaul. An expert aircon technician should first do an inspection of the unit before recommending any action and should be more than willing to answer any question you have. How the technician responds to your inquiries is also part of their customer service after all. If the aircon technician is rude or does not answer your questions satisfactorily, you should label that as a red flag. Your previous research about the type of unit you have might be of help in this situation, because you can ask more specific questions about how to repair the system and the type of equipment needed.

Ask About the Cost and Schedule

You should ask for a written estimate from the aircon servicing company that details all the materials, labor, and warranty of the product or service. If you’re planning to have an air conditioning system installed for your commercial property for example, you should ask for additional information such as energy costs, energy saving potential, and special packages. Next, ask about a time frame of the completion of the project and the schedule of the payment so that you can prepare ahead of time if you do not want your business operations to be interrupted. Finally, ask for a written agreement or contract that will include the terms, conditions, and warranty of the project as protection of your investment.

Common Problems in Residential Air Conditioning Units

October 11,2017

Air conditioning is a necessity in most homes, apartments, and condominiums in Singapore, but prolonged use can sometimes cause problems that interfere with daily routine. What are the most common problems in residential air conditioning units that you should watch out for?

Dirty or Clogged Filter

A dirty or clogged filter can lower the quality and reduce the flow of air in your home and even affect how the air conditioner works. To determine when to replace the filter or how often you should clean it, follow the instructions on the manual as suggested by the manufacturer or visually check the filter in your air conditioner unit.

Air Isn’t Cold

If the air conditioner works but the air coming out of the unit is not cold, it could be a sign of several problems that need the expertise of an aircon servicing company. You probably need to check and replace the filter or determine if the thermostat is working properly. If there are no problems in the filter or thermostat, you need to visually check the other parts of the air conditioner to look for debris, leaks, and problems in the insulation. Call an experienced licensed air conditioner technician to inspect the unit thoroughly.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work

If the air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, it means that there are problems either with the thermostat or the power supply to the unit. You might want to try changing the temperature settings, but if that doesn’t work, call a reliable aircon technician to determine the cause of the problem.

Water Leaks

If you notice that water is leaking from your air conditioner, you should check the condensate line, which is the pipe fixed on the exterior of the unit. You should probably have it cleaned if it’s clogged or dirty. To prevent buildup of debris and dirt in your air conditioner, do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s scheduled cleaning recommendations. The best aircon servicing company in Singapore recommends regular servicing four times or thrice annually to keep the unit running efficiently.

Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes the refrigerant in your air conditioner will leak, causing cooling problems and temperature fluctuations. When this problem is ignored, the coils in the unit will freeze and cause water leaks. Regular servicing from a trusted air conditioner servicing company can prevent this from happening and will not cost you money for major repairs.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner unit whenever you turn it on, it could indicate several problems in the belt, blower motor, motor bearing, relay, compressor, or other broken or loose part. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself, especially if you have not determined yet what the cause is. Call an expert aircon technician in Singapore to inspect the unit. To avoid such problems in the future, the technician will also recommend regular maintenance of the air conditioner, such as inspection, cleaning, changing, and troubleshooting.

Defective Compressor

If your air conditioner’s compressor has a problem, the unit will not start or run. Call a trusted aircon technician to inspect the compressor to check the refrigerant charge level, wires, start capacitor, and condenser oil. Depending on the source of the problem, some parts or the compressor itself will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Fan Isn’t Working

If the fan in your air conditioning unit is not working, it will have problems cooling the room. Do not attempt to fiddle with the fans because it could cause more problems. If resetting the unit does not work, call an air conditioner technician to inspect the unit. Most likely, your unit’s compressor must be replaced.

Stinky Air

An unusual odor from your air conditioning unit could mean that its parts are overheating due to buildup of debris. This is why regular maintenance from an aircon servicing company in Singapore is required to keep debris from damaging your unit and cause overheating in the electrical units and blower motor.

Hot Air from Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner is blowing hot air, it could be an indication that you need to clean or replace the air filter because it’s getting too dirty. You should also check if there are debris on the external parts of the unit and the level of the freon.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

An air conditioner that will not turn off might be frustrating, but so is a unit that does not turn off. If you use your unit for several hours daily, you should check if the thermostat and the fans are working properly. Call an aircon technician to check the relay switches in the aircon and if its refrigerant level is getting too low.

Defective Condenser

Condenser coils can get dirty over time if you do not schedule a regular cleaning and maintenance. Most aircon technicians recommend that it should be hosed down with water or cleaned with a chemical cleaner at least once a year. Regular inspection will also determine if there are problems in the condenser you might have overlooked, especially in its thermostat control signal.

Uneven Temperature

If the temperature in your home is uneven (other rooms are cold, while others are warmer), it could indicate several problems such as blocked vents, leaks, and poor insulation especially if the air conditioner is installed on the side that is always exposed to the elements. Call a trusted aircon technician to inspect the unit and schedule a regular maintenance to prevent the problem from recurring.