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Centralized Aircon Systems

Centralized air conditioning system is an AC system in which air is cooled in a single location and blown to different rooms through fans and ductworks. This type of aircon system is deemed as the more efficient type compared to conventional room aircon, as they are quiet, no bulky component and more convenient to operate.

To meet the diversified needs of homes, buildings and structures, these AC systems offer different cooling capacities and comes in various layouts and setups. Here are the main types of central air-cooling system suitable for different environment.

Centralized AC Systems for Offices and Small Commercial Buildings

Packaged Central Air Conditioners combine the condenser, compressor and evaporator in one place. The aircon is usually installed on the roof or on a concrete slab near the building’s foundation. Ducts that run through the building’s exterior wall collect air from inside the structure and returns it in much cooler temperature. This type of central AC system is ideal for offices and small commercial buildings.

Centralized AC Systems for Residential Homes, Condominium and Apartments

Split type AC system is the most common and the most economical central air-cooling system in Singapore homes today. Tucked in a single cabinet is the evaporator coil that removes the moisture and heat from the air before it enters your home. Outside the house, a component that contains the condenser coil releases the heat, and the compressor that pumps refrigerant between the coils.

The indoor component of the system is connected to a network of ducts, and a giant blower throws cool air through each of the ducts to reach every room of the house.  


The Best Brands for Centralized Air Conditioning Systems

We have been often asked by our clients about the best brands we can recommend for central air-conditioning. HVAC brands are not created equally in terms of reliability and quality. But for us, here at Aircon Master, it is about quality components, superior durability and great performance that make up the best brands. Here are the top three (in no particular order) we would always highly recommend to anyone.

  • Carrier Infinity

Carrier Infinity is one of the best brands for two-stage central AC. The two-stage cooling feature with superior humidifier is what makes this brand among the top choices in the industry.

  • Daikin

This global brand has bought Amana and Goodman brands, which made Daikin even a bigger brand, not only for commercial HVAC system but also for residential market as well.

  • Lennox

This is the last remaining world-popular brand that’s not bought by another HVAC brand. We highly commend Lennox’s passion to be always energy efficient, including the use of solar power to operate their HVAC systems.

Get It Installed by the Pros

Partner with an aircon service professional to discuss which type of centralized air-cooling system is suitable for your needs and to guarantee safe and fast installation of your new AC system. Our well-trained and experienced technicians provide quality workmanship and immediate services.