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Common Problems in Residential Air Conditioning Units

October 11,2017

Air conditioning is a necessity in most homes, apartments, and condominiums in Singapore, but prolonged use can sometimes cause problems that interfere with daily routine. What are the most common problems in residential air conditioning units that you should watch out for?

Dirty or Clogged Filter

A dirty or clogged filter can lower the quality and reduce the flow of air in your home and even affect how the air conditioner works. To determine when to replace the filter or how often you should clean it, follow the instructions on the manual as suggested by the manufacturer or visually check the filter in your air conditioner unit.

Air Isn’t Cold

If the air conditioner works but the air coming out of the unit is not cold, it could be a sign of several problems that need the expertise of an aircon servicing company. You probably need to check and replace the filter or determine if the thermostat is working properly. If there are no problems in the filter or thermostat, you need to visually check the other parts of the air conditioner to look for debris, leaks, and problems in the insulation. Call an experienced licensed air conditioner technician to inspect the unit thoroughly.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work

If the air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, it means that there are problems either with the thermostat or the power supply to the unit. You might want to try changing the temperature settings, but if that doesn’t work, call a reliable aircon technician to determine the cause of the problem.

Water Leaks

If you notice that water is leaking from your air conditioner, you should check the condensate line, which is the pipe fixed on the exterior of the unit. You should probably have it cleaned if it’s clogged or dirty. To prevent buildup of debris and dirt in your air conditioner, do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s scheduled cleaning recommendations. The best aircon servicing company in Singapore recommends regular servicing four times or thrice annually to keep the unit running efficiently.

Refrigerant Leaks

Sometimes the refrigerant in your air conditioner will leak, causing cooling problems and temperature fluctuations. When this problem is ignored, the coils in the unit will freeze and cause water leaks. Regular servicing from a trusted air conditioner servicing company can prevent this from happening and will not cost you money for major repairs.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner unit whenever you turn it on, it could indicate several problems in the belt, blower motor, motor bearing, relay, compressor, or other broken or loose part. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself, especially if you have not determined yet what the cause is. Call an expert aircon technician in Singapore to inspect the unit. To avoid such problems in the future, the technician will also recommend regular maintenance of the air conditioner, such as inspection, cleaning, changing, and troubleshooting.

Defective Compressor

If your air conditioner’s compressor has a problem, the unit will not start or run. Call a trusted aircon technician to inspect the compressor to check the refrigerant charge level, wires, start capacitor, and condenser oil. Depending on the source of the problem, some parts or the compressor itself will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Fan Isn’t Working

If the fan in your air conditioning unit is not working, it will have problems cooling the room. Do not attempt to fiddle with the fans because it could cause more problems. If resetting the unit does not work, call an air conditioner technician to inspect the unit. Most likely, your unit’s compressor must be replaced.

Stinky Air

An unusual odor from your air conditioning unit could mean that its parts are overheating due to buildup of debris. This is why regular maintenance from an aircon servicing company in Singapore is required to keep debris from damaging your unit and cause overheating in the electrical units and blower motor.

Hot Air from Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner is blowing hot air, it could be an indication that you need to clean or replace the air filter because it’s getting too dirty. You should also check if there are debris on the external parts of the unit and the level of the freon.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

An air conditioner that will not turn off might be frustrating, but so is a unit that does not turn off. If you use your unit for several hours daily, you should check if the thermostat and the fans are working properly. Call an aircon technician to check the relay switches in the aircon and if its refrigerant level is getting too low.

Defective Condenser

Condenser coils can get dirty over time if you do not schedule a regular cleaning and maintenance. Most aircon technicians recommend that it should be hosed down with water or cleaned with a chemical cleaner at least once a year. Regular inspection will also determine if there are problems in the condenser you might have overlooked, especially in its thermostat control signal.

Uneven Temperature

If the temperature in your home is uneven (other rooms are cold, while others are warmer), it could indicate several problems such as blocked vents, leaks, and poor insulation especially if the air conditioner is installed on the side that is always exposed to the elements. Call a trusted aircon technician to inspect the unit and schedule a regular maintenance to prevent the problem from recurring.