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How to Find the Right Aircon Servicing Company

October 11,2017

A working air conditioning system is a part of your company’s daily operations, that is why investing in quality units should not be overlooked. However, even the most well-maintained air conditioning systems are prone to a lot of problems that need the expertise of the best air conditioning system servicing company in Singapore.

Here are tips to finding the best aircon servicing company in the country that can handle any type of issue from residential to commercial air conditioning units and systems.

Do Your Research

If you already have an existing air conditioning system in operation, you need to reread the manual because it contains all the recommended maintenance and servicing schedule from the manufacturer. Get to know the type of air conditioning system you’re using and take note of its brand, model, and the history of recent repairs, servicing, and problems. This will make it easier for you to talk about specific problems with an air conditioning technician in case you need to have it repaired. Next, find reviews for aircon servicing companies in Singapore or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. Narrow down your choice to three technicians or companies, then ask for a list of services they provide.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask for details about the aircon servicing company’s history, policies, pricing, experience and training, and areas of expertise. If you have a specific concern in mind, talk to the technician about it and ask about the possible solutions. Ask how much experience they have had with your type of air conditioning system and how long the project or repair will take. It would also help if the aircon technician has a license and is affiliated with an aircon servicing company in Singapore as a full-time technician, because they are strict with qualifications and training compliance. It would also be a lot easier for you to check the company’s background and ask for insurance to protect your investment, especially if you’re looking for an aircon servicing company that will install, repair, and maintain your business’ air conditioning system.

Look for Specialists

If you’re planning to have an air conditioning system installed in your commercial or business property, you should look for an aircon servicing company in Singapore that is an expert in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC. You will be ensuring that you will get the best heating and cooling system for your business. Companies affiliated with the best-known air conditioner brands should also be your top priority, because some brands are particular about the maintenance and repair procedure of their units. They will also be able to explain to you clearly which type of air conditioning system you will need. For example, small-scale businesses with a small office spaces will need a single-thermostat air conditioner, while a multi-story building will need zone air conditioning systems that will cover several areas.

Ask for a List of Services

For apartments, you do not necessarily need specialists to have your aircon repaired, but you should look for an aircon servicing company that not only does troubleshooting, but also does regular maintenance, chemical wash, and chemical overhaul. An expert aircon technician should first do an inspection of the unit before recommending any action and should be more than willing to answer any question you have. How the technician responds to your inquiries is also part of their customer service after all. If the aircon technician is rude or does not answer your questions satisfactorily, you should label that as a red flag. Your previous research about the type of unit you have might be of help in this situation, because you can ask more specific questions about how to repair the system and the type of equipment needed.

Ask About the Cost and Schedule

You should ask for a written estimate from the aircon servicing company that details all the materials, labor, and warranty of the product or service. If you’re planning to have an air conditioning system installed for your commercial property for example, you should ask for additional information such as energy costs, energy saving potential, and special packages. Next, ask about a time frame of the completion of the project and the schedule of the payment so that you can prepare ahead of time if you do not want your business operations to be interrupted. Finally, ask for a written agreement or contract that will include the terms, conditions, and warranty of the project as protection of your investment.