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Quality Aircon Installation Service

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, you need an air conditioner to keep you cool. If you need yours to be installed, look no further than Aircon Master. While anyone can be an amateur handyman, attempting a DIY AC installation without training and proper knowledge can be dangerous. If you damage your unit, chances are your warranty will be rendered void or invalid.

For safe and secure installation, Aircon Master will help you install and integrate your new air conditioning system into your home’s existing framework.

Types of Aircon Units We Install


Purchasing an AC unit for every room in your house is too expensive. Your best solution is to install central AC system. This system is more efficient as it utilizes one large compressor with vast air conditioning capacity. For environments like malls and large houses, this is the most feasible AC setup.

Window Type

Common among standard houses and condos, window type AC is enough for cooling single room. A unit is installed by fitting it into a window sill or in a slot in a wall.


For the purpose of cooling two rooms, we usually recommend this type of AC system. There are two arrangements for this AC type. One is all components are incased in one box with a blower throwing cool air through the ductwork, and the other is only the compressor and condenser are incased in a box and cool air is blown to all units, installed in different rooms.

Split Type

Split type AC are composed of an outdoor component and one or more indoor components. The outdoor unit blows the air through a tubing that connects to the indoor unit(s), cooling the room where the units are.

Our Installation Process

There’s nothing easier and more straightforward than our installation process. Simply give us a call, book an installation date and our engineers will come to you for your AC installation.

Why Us?

Air conditioner installation should be done by a team. For better installation results, we assign at least two experienced AC installers to work for you. Our teams of engineers have more than 20 years of experience and have installed all types of air conditioners, ensuring you get the best service possible and highest quality value for your money.  Whether you need an aircon installed at your home or in the office, we can give you a free quotation for any size of project you may have.