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What are the Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing?

October 12,2017

Like all electronic equipment at home and in the office, the air conditioning system needs proper maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently. While it might seem like a regular servicing and maintenance is an added expense, you will be able to save more money in the long run if you can address minor problems much earlier.

The following some of the benefits of a regular aircon maintenance service.

Efficient Aircon System

An aircon system that runs efficiently will not only ensure quality air and comfort at home or at the office, but will also save you money. An efficient aircon system should function at optimum peak without having to use up more energy than is recommended by the manufacturer; should produce quality air and sufficient cooling regardless of the size of the space; should be able to maintain humidity and temperature consistently in all parts of the building; and must remove dust, soot, and harmful microorganisms in the air. An aircon unit that is malfunctioning or has not been cleaned properly tends to use more energy to meet what is required of it. So, how can you keep your aircon system from functioning poorly? Regular maintenance and inspection by a licensed aircon technician is recommended to make sure that there are no buildup of dirt and debris, no leaks or breaks or loose parts, and that all the parts are functioning properly.

Excellent Air Quality

Although the air conditioning system also has a lifespan like all electronic devices and appliances, regular maintenance will not only prolong its service, but will also keep it performing on an optimum level. According to studies, appliances lose at least at 5% of efficiency annually, but with regular maintenance, you can keep its efficiency at 90%. You can easily tell if something is wrong with the aircon unit if the air quality has significantly changed in terms of the cooling effect, temperature consistency, odor, and the noise coming from the aircon system itself. Even simple maintenance tasks such as keeping the filters clean can affect its quality.

Extend the Aircon Unit’s Lifespan

Like most electronic appliances, if one component of the aircon system is damaged, the other parts will also be affected, causing the system to work harder and use more energy. When this happens, it will significantly lower the lifespan of the air conditioner because it could fail at any time. To prolong its service, it’s best to address any minor problem as soon as possible. However, some issues do not become obvious unless there are noticeable changes in the quality of air produced. Regular maintenance by a trusted aircon technician will locate potential problems and solve them before major issues can affect the system. Doing this will save you money for major repairs or replacement of your aircon units.

Lower Repair Costs

It might seem like you will save more money only if you call a technician if there is an actual problem, but regular servicing will prevent frequent breakdowns from happening. For commercial buildings, minor problems should be corrected or adjusted right away to prevent major breakdowns that will not only affect your office routine, but will also cost you more on major repairs and replacement of parts. This is crucial in aircon systems that can potentially damage the structure of the building if there are leaks and breaks that have not been identified. In this type of setup, you should consider hiring an aircon service contractor that will regularly check for minor problems in the aircon system, which is a better deal than having to spend thousands for damages you could have prevented.

Lower Electric Bills

An energy-efficient aircon system is a product of a combination of factors, such as proper installation, good ventilation and sealing of the ducts, clean filters and coils, correct airflow and charge, and the correct aircon system for your home or commercial building. If you are considering installing a new aircon system, there are a lot of things that need to be considered when choosing the type of system that will meet your needs; such as, the size of the house or how big the space is; the number of rooms that need air conditioning; the location of the rooms or building; the amount of heat indoors; and the airflow in the outdoor system that can affect the performance of the aircon.

Less Leaks

If you notice that the aircon unit is producing less cool air than usual, it could indicate problems in the ducts. To prevent leakages in the duct system, you should provide a well-insulated system and location for the unit. This is why proper installation is a crucial step in keeping your aircon system in top condition, because any leakage can significantly reduce its performance by up to 40%. That’s going to need a lot of energy!

Investing in a quality air conditioning system also means that you need to keep them in tip-top shape. Regular maintenance and servicing will keep your indoor spaces well-ventilated and comfortable for years to come.